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Meet The Builder

royI founded Anchor Builders in 1989. Our mission is to build elegant custom homes for those who appreciate true quality and attention to detail not always seen in the competition.

We build a conservative number of homes each year which allows me to be personally involved with each homeowner throughout the building process and allows us to maintain our consistent high quality.

We pride ourselves on our finish and quality, including smooth walls and ceilings, solid core doors and great woodwork details. Many of our subcontractors have been with us for years—they understand our unfailing dedication to quality and strive to maintain competitive pricing and consistent high quality.Once a client chooses a home site, I will personally sit down with them and our Architectural Designer to create a custom home designed to fit their needs and lifestyle. Sometimes we start with one of our model plans and tweak it. Sometimes we start with a model plan and make major changes. Sometimes we start from scratch with a complete white paper design. In any case, we have never built the same home twice.

Our pricing is competitive especially considering the level of finish. For many years, we have competed successfully with other builders in select communities. Once a custom home is completed, our clients are very pleased with the value of their Anchor Builder’s custom home.


StB-4We were very proud to have Roy Dupuis and Anchor Builders build our home. From beginning to end it was a wonderful experience dealing with people with such high integrity and who genuinely wanted to make us happy. Anchor Builders is AWESOME BABY with a capital “A”!
-Dick and Lorraine Vitale

Working with Anchor Builders has been a wonderful experience from beginning to end. After purchasing our homesite in The Concession Residences, we began asking around for builder recommendations. Having built a home from scratch exactly twenty years ago, we learned a few things about the importance of communication, trust and integrity. With my husband’s engineering background and my interior design knowledge, we had high expectations.

Based on research, word of mouth and media research, we narrowed our search to three local builders. All had produced beautiful model homes in this community as well as other communities nearby, so we were able to visit and talk with representatives of each company.

Harry Fendt and Dennis Meyers, the Anchor Builders Representatives, reached out to us shortly after we purchased our wonderful home site. They shared the Anchor difference very professionally, reassuring us that builder selection is a very personal decision and very much about “fit.” Harry also did a wonderful job of describing Roy Dupuis’ building methods, his record of hiring and keeping excellent trades’ people, his accomplishments and his calm demeanor. We were searching for a builder who would listen. We had experienced a former builder who failed to listen to our wishes and thus we were never truly happy with the end result.

There are no surprises with Anchor Builders. We had a design in mind, of a house we loved in California and spoke with Roy about modifying the design to suit Florida specs and codes. He and Paul, the architectural designer, met with us to discuss how to implement our “forever home ideas” to paper. As we were voicing our desires, Paul was drawing away and produced exactly what we wanted. So right off the bat, we knew Roy had a great architectural designer and team.

Once we agreed on a design, Roy and his staff prepared a contract that implemented what we hoped to accomplish with this house. We learned that Roy stays within budget guidelines, provided we don’t decide to make major changes. He tries to ensure that expectations are met and that there are no surprises at the end. If we went over budget in some areas, it was because we chose to upgrade something that we felt we had to have. We also took comfort in knowing there was not a surcharge to make a change. The process was seamless and relatively stress free. We completed our home in almost exactly 1 year.

What we loved about Roy, was that we’d propose an idea and instead of dismissing it, he would say that he would find a way to make it happen. He would never shoot down an idea unless it was something that would not work in this climate or meet code. Once again, he’d listen and find a way to meet expectations.

Another great aspect of building with Anchor is that we were never locked into a design center. If we suggested a vendor that we wanted to work with, we had the freedom to work with that company. We made selections based on our desire to have a truly unique custom home, not as they say, a “cookie cutter” home. We were even pared up with an excellent designer, Carrie Riley Interiors, to help with the enormous decisions that needed to be made as well as learn about the latest trends that we could then implement.

His trade people have been with him for years; can be counted on, do good work and are even nice to talk with. If you’re lucky to get paired with Patrick, one of his superintendents, you can be sure he will have your back. Patrick listens to your concerns, writes things down, follows up and gets things done. He is, after all the person we spent the most time with during the building process. We were fortunate to be able to visit the sight almost daily to see the process, the quality workmanship/craftsmanship and to answer any specific questions that would often come up.

Roy’s strength is that he builds a certain number of homes a year and can concentrate on each home and each homeowner’s individual needs. His level of personal involvement is unheard of in this business. We were surprised that he personally returns your calls and even answers his emails.

I found it remarkable that when asked who our builder was, the response was always positive, from tradespeople to former home builders; not one negative feedback from anyone. There’s no doubt that we were fortunate to have found a good fit with Anchor Builders and can highly recommend them for a home owner interested in building a truly custom, quality home from a reputable and accomplished builder. We love our “Forever Home”.
– David & Iolanda Goodfellow

Dear Roy:
Today, Janet and I accompanied you and Patrick on the final walk through of our new home. We want to take this opportunity to let both you and Patrick know that the build quality of our home exceeds all of our expectations. We chose Anchor builders over the competition to construct our home because of the interest you took in learning what was important to us in a home, Anchor’s reputation as a premier home builder, and the professionalism you displayed as we negotiated the contract. It was the right decision hands down. Without exception, all of your tradesmen were craftsmen of the highest caliber. Our new house is extremely well built and we are sure it will give us years of trouble free living. The drywall is the best we have ever seen and the trim work is superb. We are extremely happy that during the build process, Patrick made numerous suggestions that enhanced the construction process and prevented problems from occurring. He is a great superintendent and was a major factor in why everything went smoothly as the house was being built. In closing, we were confident when we signed our contract with Anchor that you and the Anchor team would build a great home for us. Today, we walked thru the objective proof. Well done!

– Dave and Janet Zucker

Roy, I am writing to you because we have now been in our Anchor home for a little over 5 years. I thought that you might like to hear about our experience after 5 years in our Anchor House here in Lakewood Ranch.We are as happy with our house now as we were 5 years ago. We have neighbors that bought homes built by other Sarasota major builders, and they have had a myriad of problems ranging from outside stucco cracks, floor cracks, window issues, and poor design ( no storage, expensive heat/cooling, wall cracks, etc.) I thought that you would like to know that after 5 years, we have had no cracks of any kind anywhere. You might remember that we did extensive mouldings throughout the house inside. The joints and various built up layers look as good today as they did on the day they were installed. Many of our neighbors have had to paint their houses, we will not have to for another 3-4 years. Thanks to your recommendation regarding the attic radiant barrier and the heating/cooling zones, our electric bill is typically almost half of what any of our neighbors pay. We have no nail pops, or cracks in corners, no chipping paint, no separation of floor marble tiles, no grout issues in any bathroom or floor or counter top, no doors that stick after settling, no wood shrinkage issues, wooden floors in the den are perfect. In short, the house has been very low maintenance and everything works as planned thanks to the quality of Anchor Builders. We have fond remembrances of our time spent with you and your staff and still feel that we were working with people of quality. We run into our construction manager, Kent Kraus, from time to time on jobs he is doing in the neighborhood. We are glad to hear that Anchor Builders is doing well. In our opinion, your ongoing focus on quality is not only good for the customer but it will serve you well in maintaining your position as a builder of choice. Please convey our warmest regards to your staff. And please feel free to share all or any part of this unsolicited letter with prospective customers. We will be happy to be a reference anytime.”
– Arden and Barbara Moore

“You can sleep at night. I chose Anchor Builders for their honesty & integrity.”
– Frank Kucer

“We chose to build with Anchor again because of their integrity and superb workmanship. The people are great, too.”

– Frank Wieckowski

“Roy, Our thanks for all the hard work and skill from you and Anchor. Your professionalism and integrity were evident throughout the building process. We now understand why your reputation is exemplary. Thank You!”
– Sherrill & Donnie Moore

“Our overall experience with Anchor Builders has been excellent. We appreciate the quality of the construction, the staff, and the follow-up. We definitely would build another Anchor home.”
– Frank and Lynn Simmons